- Lighting & Set Designer

Mosaic Theater Company

Performed at
Atlas PAC Lab II
in repertory with
Draw the Circle

Nov 10 - Dec 22, 2017

Written & Performed by:
Dan Hoyle

Developed with & Directed by:
Charlie Varon

Lighting & Set Designer:
E-hui Woo

Sound Designer:
David Hines

Additional Music:
Mars Today

Stage Manager:
Jana Llynn

Master Electrician:
Adam Lobelson

Sound Engineer:
Will Wacker

Production Manager:
Chris Banks


Photo credit:
Teresa Castracane Photography


"my hot tip is this: The intimate Lab II space where it plays at Atlas is going to fill up fast—because The Real Americans is far and away one of the most entertaining, polished, insightful, and stirring solo performances this town is likely to see."

"Hoyle works on a bare stage set with but a chair, a hatrack, and a guitar, which at points he plays. Lighting Designer E-hui Woo contributes lovely color effects when he sings. Sound Designer David Hines brings in an eclectic mix of pop, hip-hop, and country. And whatever has been done to shape and pace the show by Director Charlie Varon (a longtime collaborator of Hoyle’s) is spot-on. It plays flawlessly."

"Hoyle's astounding one-man show, THE REAL AMERICANS (developed with and directed by Charlie Varon), reveals poignant perspectives of these individuals with humor, emotional depth, and authenticity."

"Hoyle demonstrates an uncanny ability to embody racially and culturally diverse men and women from across the nation's heartland. With the aid of just a few hats (and solid lighting design by E-Hui Woo), he takes on numerous voices with strong physicality and great sensitivity."

"the varying voices in THE REAL AMERICANS are painfully (but comically) accurate and need to be heard by as many people as possible, across the political and socioeconomic spectrum."

"As a witty performer, he’s fearless, whether playing his precious hipster friends or going way outside his philosophical comfort zone with a self-proclaimed hillbilly quietly arming for revolution."

"another hot-button solo act, Dan Hoyle’s “The Real Americans” – a survey of strangers Hoyle met during fact-finding road trips through the heartland." (In review of Draw the Circle, performing in Rep)