- Lighting Designer

Mosaic Theater Company

Performed at
Atlas PAC Lab II
in repertory with
The Real Americans

Dec 1 - 24, 2017

Written & Performed by:
Mashuq Mushtaq Deen

Developed & Directed by:
Chay Yew

Set Designer:
Chay Yew

Lighting Designers:
M.L. Geiger
E-hui Woo

Sound Designer:
Matthew Nielson

Stage Manager:
Elisabeth Ribar

Master Electrician:
Adam Lobelson

Sound Engineer:
Will Wacker

Production Manager:
Chris Banks





"The story’s framework is simple yet striking, and more than a novelty: it’s an apt, big-hearted way to puzzle together many pieces of Deen’s journey. “Draw the Circle” does not sugarcoat his despair or incidents of violence, yet it rather amazingly reaches back to retrieve people who easily could have been cut out for life. The wrathful moment confronting us with the ongoing violence against trans people does not define the tone of this personable, entirely approachable show. Inarguably, though, it’s that flicker of wrath that gives the piece its purpose."

"Mashuq Mushtaq Deen—its transgender playwright and solo performer—has a singularly fascinating life story to tell. And the way he tells it is even more amazing."

"Draw the Circle was directed by Chay Yew, who also designed the set, with lighting by Mary Louise Gieger and E-hui Woo and sound by Matthew M. Nielson. The entire production is spare, without ostentation or embellishment, the better to focus our attention on the man emerging as others see him: as the man he wants to become."


Set off by spare lighting (Mary Louise Geiger and E-hui Woo) and a minimal set (Yew), Deen inhabits each of these personas with only a chair as a prop.

this method of storytelling feels completely authentic. Deen's portrayal of various individuals is remarkable, not only because of his careful craft, but also because of his great empathy. His play is more powerful than a first-person account. Rather than focusing on reaching members of a certain group, he makes sure to include a range of characters participating in a common story with universal emotions. The phrase "draw the circle" is itself meant to evoke inclusivity.

Mosaic’s newest show, Draw the Circle, is intimate, raw, honest and uncomfortable. The discomfort is not a negative: As a matter of fact, it is the perfect note to strike in these intense, crazy times.

The show is powerful and comes from a deep place of analysis and reckoning.