- Lighting Designer

Nu Sass Productions

Performed at Caos on F

Nov 17 - Dec 17, 2017

Renana Fox

Sound Designer:
Shane Solo

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Set design & Construction:
Mik Bear & Joe Largess

Production Team:
Aubri O'Connor
Julia Colpitts

Charles Lasky


Photo credit:
Tori B. Photography


"In both substance and setting, Nu Sass creates up-close experiences that audiences cannot help but be drawn into, on themes that importantly intersect women’s lives."

"Set Designers M. Bear and Joe Largess deftly turn tight quarters into multiple locations—an office, a living room, an operating room—and Lighting Designer E-hui Woo with but a handful of instruments shifts scenes with clarity and ease."

"Nu Sass’s DC premiere of the one act meditation on beauty and power, The Ugly One, grabs attention as a prescient play on the consequences of that dangerous chemistry."

"This production aims at delivering some loud laughs and a dramatic conversation at the bar afterwards, and The Ugly One nails the mark on that score."


"It's what's on the inside that counts. THE UGLY ONE by German playwright Marius von Mayenburg skewers that idea, and Nu Sass brings us an energetic take on the satirical play. Renana Fox directs actors who embrace their roles with effervescence, three out of four of them playing multiple characters, while colorful lighting by E-Hui Woo enhances the absurdist atmosphere."

"Overall, THE UGLY ONE is an amusing exploration of the absurdity of beauty ideals that have haunted humanity."

"The 80-minute comedy continues along spoofing our beauty-obsessed culture."

"Renana Fox’s direction is able and clever with scenes quickly and seamlessly changing from one to the next. The small and imaginatively lit set efficiently works as various offices and a cozy living room."