- Lighting Designer

Singapore Repertory Theatre

Performed at
KC Arts Centre

Aug 24 - 25, 2018

Daniel Jenkins

Production Manager:
Henry Thomas

Set Supervisor:
Charlotte Lane

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Stage Manager:
Victoria Anna Wong


Photos courtesy of Singapore Repertory Theatre



Perhaps the most exciting of the three acts is the third, the longest of which feels like a mini-play in itself. In this Black Mirror-esque future, senior citizens receive a payout upon agreeing to euthanasia, while being housed in dystopian, nondescript hospices ruled by malfunctioning, Siri-like bots and bureaucratic administrators. Taking the lead here is Nicholas Kyle Papaoanou, who uses the opportunity to showcase an entire range of emotions as he goes from confused to happy, hopeful to completely devastated over the 30 minute segment.

One moment sees him repeat a single line over and over again as he goes through countless days in solitary confinement, his voice growing increasingly dejected with each repetition and more crushed, helped by E-hui Woo’s lighting that slowly reduces a stage wash to a tiny spotlight with every flash.