- Lighting Designer

The Arlington Players

Performed at
Thomas Jefferson
Community Theatre

April 13-28,  2018

Clare Shaffer

Janet Bordeaux

Music Director:
Paige Rammelkamp

Pauline Lamb

Scenic Designer:
Audrey Bodek

Master Carpenter:
Tom O'Reilly

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Sound Designer:
Drew Moberley

Costume Designer:
Joan Lawrence


Peter Hill Photography





This production was awarded Outstanding Light Design in a Musical in the 19th Annual Washington Area Theatre Community Honors (WATCH) Awards.

"E-hui Woo’s lighting design is complicated and active, starting with specials for each ensemble member’s solo lines in the opening number. There are many shadings of light and darkness, as well as colored illumination of a white backdrop"

"The cast is supported by an excellent design team. Audrey Bodek’s set evokes the shabby poverty of Fleet Street, and Todd’s barber shop turned murder machine, is impressively realized. Joan Lawrence’s costumes underline strict Victorian class distinctions, with soiled grays for those below, and canes and waistcoats for those in power. E-hui Woo’s dramatic lighting and Drew Moberley’s sound design work well together: brilliant reds and metallic shrieks are deployed when murderous thoughts, or deeds, are happening."

Sweeney Todd is listed as #1 on MD Theatre Guide's Top 5 Shows of the Week, along with Lucky Stiff (Colonial Players of Annapolis), John (Signature Theatre), Soon (The Highwood Theatre) and Into the Woods (Memorial Players).

Director Shaffer, music director Paige Rammelkamp and choreographer Pauline Lamb have worked effectively to fashion a show that is visually appealing. Sets (Audrey Bodek), costumes (Joan Lawrence), lighting (E-hui Woo) and sound (Drew Moberley) all are strong.

Rehearsal process interview