- Lighting Designer

Nu Sass Productions

Performed at
Atlas Performing Arts Center Lab II

Jan 21 - Feb 7, 2016

Danny Rovin

Angela Pirko

Set Designer:
Eric McMorris

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Sound Designer:
Hope Villanueva



"The production is solid with cool lighting effects (a strobe! dreamy colors!) and fine direction by Angela Kay Pirko. I loved the set, a picture perfect group home family room (ah, the perennial twinkle lights) littered with records, pillows, beer cans, and liquor bottles. It is a good metaphor for the limbo these women were living in, stuck between youth and adulthood, messy lives and moving on." -Teal Ruland, DCMTA

"There’s a fine familiarity with the production design as well. I’ve spent enough time in trashed flophouses where people were igniting their brain cells with weapons-grade hallucinogens to know that this design team has got it exactly right." -Alan Katz, DCTS