- Lighting Designer

Cultural DC

Performed at

June 2017

Nick Martin

Scenic Designer:
Jessica Cancino

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Sound Designer:
Veronica J. Lancaster

Costume Designer:
Frank Labovitz

Props Designer:
Ali Bonzzonetti

Stage Manager:
Laura Wood

Asst. Scenic Designer:
Kyla Duff

Asst. Lighting Designer:
Kaitlyn Peacock

Master Electrician:
Cody Whitfield


Photo credit:
Teresa Wood Photography


The costumes designed by Frank Labovitz were for the women a delightful lift from Donna Reed’s and Harriet Nelson’s wardrobes; and for the men, appropriately post-war dorky. Lighting Designer E-hui Woo made scene shifts entrancing, and Sound Designer Veronica Lancaster brought in period tunes that could make one feel like swaying or dancing.

Perfect Arrangement is assured a slot on the short list of all-time Best LGBTQ Pride Plays and is destined for a place in the canon of contemporary classics.

- John Stoltenberg