- Lighting Designer

Arts on the Horizon

Performed at Convergence

May 2 - 18, 2019

Kate Debelack

Becca Drew Ramsey

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Stage Manager:
Drew Neitzey

Paige O’Malley
& Rafael Sebastian




Arts on the Horizon, a non-verbal theatre for children ages 0 to 6, is excited to present a new commission for our youngest audience members. Sailing on String will run from May 2nd - 18th, 2019 at The Lab at Convergence in Alexandria, Virginia.

Sailing on String, created by Becca Drew Ramsey and directed by Arts on the Horizon company member, Kate Debelack, was created specifically for an audience of children ages 0 to 2 and their families.

Also returning to us is E-hui Woo (lighting designer for Arts on the Horizon's Outside the Lines) whose credits include Theatre Prometheus, The Arlington Players, and Perisphere Theater.