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Past Reviews


Summer Hummer V - Signature Theatre


Capital Fringe 2016

"This is a must-see for anyone who rejoices in the collaborative process of theater. ... a script often merely outlines ingredients and lights a fuse. It takes the alchemy of a receptive, interactive audience; committed actors; and a slick production team to add that secret sauce and turn on the gas."

- Terry Byrne


"If they repeat this gambit every show, Nu Sass has in 22 Boom! a worthy addition to genre of “shows that change as they are performed”."

- Seth Rose

"Direction by Lauren Patton is first-rate, and this play deserves a place in the forefront of the conversation about rape, privacy, and the social consequences of gender."

"Projections Designer Hope Villanueva’s work adds a whole new dimension to the production. ... Lighting Design E-hui Woo and Sound Design Robert Pike enhance the effectiveness of every aspect of the performance."

- Sophia Howes

"Good Kids is a gut-wrenching examination of victim blaming and the role of social media in modern ‘he said/she said’ situations. Both timely and timeless, Theatre Prometheus’s production of this remarkable play will leave a strong impression on all who see it."

"This is a great script, great production and a must-see in this year’s Capital Fringe Festival."

- K. McDermott



Interview with
George Sapio
- 2016/17