- Lighting Designer & Collaborator

CulturalDC Mead Theatre Lab Program

In partnership with N Street Village

Performed at

April 7 - 30, 2016

Devising Director:
Bridget Grace Sheaff

Producer, Writer, Performer:
Annalisa Dias

Stage Manager & Collaborator:
Amanda Zeitler

Sound Designer & Collaborator:
Roo George-Warren

Lighting Designer & Collaborator:
E-hui Woo

Costume Designer,
FOH Coordinator & Collaborator:
Tori Boutin

Sculture Installations by:
Brian Fernandes-Halloran




"a bold, mind-bending vision of Shakespeare’s The Tempest"

"Dias, director Bridget Grace Sheaff, and their ambitious creative team have turned back the clock to when Prospero first crashed, confused and afraid, on the storied island ruled by the powerful Sycorax."

"With help from the well-timed sound and lighting work by designers DeLesslin George-Warren and E-hui Woo, the statues channel Prospero with a surprising degree of realism."

- Ben Demers

"In physically expressive and sometimes dancelike sequences, we witness Sycorax’s skirmishes with Prospero during his early days on the island.... Complementing the Sycorax narrative, Dias also depicts a graduate student who stumbles across Prospero’s journal while struggling to write her thesis. This section of the play includes some amusing spoofing of academic jargon. (Lighting design by E-hui Woo helps keep the two storylines distinct.)"

- Celia Wren