- Lighting Designer

The Arlington Players

Performed at
Thomas Jefferson Community  Theatre

Sep 23 - Oct 8, 2016

Irene Molnar

Clare Shaffer

Music Director:
Paige Rammelkamp

Amanda Roberts

Stage Manager:
Christopher Smith

Set Designer:
Jared Davis

Lighting Designer: 
E-hui Woo

Sound Designer:
Drew Moberley

Costume Designer:
Joan Lawrence

Master Carpenter:
Tom O'Reilly

Brenna Carlson

Hair & Makeup:
Sydney Studds

Steven Yates
Emme Shuchart

This production was nominated for Outstanding Lighting Design in a Musical for 17th Annual Washington Area Theatre Community Honors (WATCH) Awards.

"I really enjoyed the technical elements and design of the production. The elaborate dungeon set was designed by Jared Davis. I also really enjoyed E-hui Woo’s beautiful lighting design. Joan Lawrence’s costumes also added a nice touch to the production."

"Like the other characters in the play, it’s hard to resist Quixote and by extension, the musical’s charm. When the cast comes together in the end to sing “The Impossible Dream,” I did find myself quite moved. I also found myself looking at the musical in a different light.

This isn’t a musical about a man telling a story. It’s about an artist and how his work brings a community together, as both Cervantes and Quixote bring a community of people together with their stories.

The Arlington Players’ production of Man of La Mancha is filled with exceptional performances and is quite inspiring. Don’t miss it."

- Patrick (PJ) McMahon

"Jared Davis designed the gorgeously macabre set after the tradition of seventeenth-century Spanish paintings. This dungeon could easily be mistaken for a blighted castle. Sound Designer Drew Moberley added even more depth to the production with the sounds of rats and echoing footsteps. E-hui Woo designed the gorgeous lights, which includes effects like spotlights that draw the audience into the character’s most vulnerable moment and the spinning arms of a windmill!"

- Stephanie House

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Quibbles? A few audience members didn’t appreciate the show’s low lighting, but dungeons aren’t known for their brightness and warmth, are they?

- Matt Reville