- Lighting Designer

The Theatre Practice

Performed at
Practice Space

Aug 1 - 12, 2018

Kuo Jian Hong

Original Story Concept:
Wu Xi

Su Chun Ying

Asst Director:
Bright Ong

Set Designer:
Szu-Feng Chen

Lighting Designer:
Woo E-hui

Sound Designer:
Sandra Tay

Music Composer:
Julian Wong

Multimedia Production:
Edit & Play Pte Ltd

Costume Designer:
Glenna Ng

Technical Director:
Lee Bee Bee

Production Manager:
Joey Cheng

Stage Manager:
Ho Li Yi

Photos by Tuckys Photography, Courtesy of The Theatre Practice, unless otherwise credited.

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This light, fun package makes magic out of deceptively little. No divine epiphanies here, but plenty of entertainment.

For the first time ever in The Theatre Practice’s history, the Practice Space utilises a donut seating to give audience a 360 degree view of its inventive set and performance structure.

The visuals of Immortalx are key to keeping the show feeling and looking fresh and new. Set designer Szu-Feng Chen and lighting designer Woo E-hui’s visuals work well together to allow the show’s shadow puppets to be used to their full effect in representing the majesty and awe of mythical creatures, while a projection used effectively to showcase a riveting fight scene with a certain hero was certainly a highlight of the play, so look out for it.

Set designer Szu-Feng Chen transforms the black box into a colourful terrain, providing actors the opportunity to crawl, run and battle behind, under and around audiences who are seated in all four corners of the space. The set is dynamic, complete with funky costumes including shoes and glasses that light up in the dark. Together with Woo E-hui’s lighting, Sandra Tay’s sound design and Julian Wong’s musical compositions, the technical elements play a huge role in creating an audio-visual treat for the audience.