- Lighting Designer

Perisphere Theater

Performed at
Trinidad Theatre @
Logan Fringe Arts Space

Nov 30 - Dec 11, 2016

Heather Benjamin

Alicia Goodman

Amanda Gamage

Scenic Designer:
John Decker

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Sound Designer:
Edward Moser

Costume Designer:
Asia McCallum

For my professor, 
Claire Gleitman,
who introduced me to
the wonders of this play.




"As I watched Perisphere Theater’s taut and mesmerizing production just opened at Logan Fringe Art Space, I experienced the play’s story and language playing in my mind with exactly the fascination I recall when I watched the Broadway production (which I did perched in onstage seating that surrounded the circular set). Director Heather Benjamin, the cast, and the design team have executed this singular play’s intentions and tensions with spellbinding skill."

- John Stoltenberg

"Three intersecting rings stand out in a circle of white, blindingly clear. The intersection reminds of other triumvirates, three powerful individuals, in an arrangement both formal and informal, equal on paper though rarely the case. The design reminds of a trefoil knot, fundamental to the study of mathematical knot theory or the multiple overlapping closed curves of the Venn diagram, representing a picture of logic. Copenhagen by Michael Frayn, presented in the inaugural season of Perisphere Theater, is a dramatic interpretation well anchored to this design, captivating in transforming a moment in history to immediate relevance."

"The three actors stand in line, inches from the audience, directly in the strong and elemental lighting provided by E-hui Woo, each in an isolated monologue, deliberating, associating."

- Jane Franklin

"A major transition or two could be given more time to breathe, an actor occasionally misses a subtlety, a light cue is rarely a little obtrusive in Perisphere Theater’s production of Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen. But it’s essentially an ideal production."

"In that light, this production ought to be toured actively to universities and physics classes; while it gains considerably from E-hui Woo’s lighting shifts guiding us through the time-jumps, its core of three actors performing living history is translatable to non-theater spaces."

- Brett Steven Abelman

"It seems befitting that a play so about interpretation would leave me pausing for thought as much as I have in evaluating it. On every technical level, it excels, and in intent, it is exceptional and realized."

"It should be seen and it should be experienced, especially in the enclosure of the Trinidad theatre, but as a consequence of the script, I’m endlessly divided on whether I experienced 'Copenhagen.'"

- John Connor Buckley

Copenhagen is a thoughtful, complicated piece of theatre. Its meditation on what constitutes a moral choice feels very relevant in our current political climate.

- Hannah Landsberger