- Lighting Designer

ACW Dances Co

Performed at
Gunston Arts Center, 
Theatre Two

May 12 -14, 2017

Abigail Wallace

Stage Manager:
Sophia Lewin Adams

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo





When walking into the Gunston Black Box Theatre, the audience was greeted by a large stage space with a small school desk center stage, a teddy bear (the size of a three year old) with a storybook, and a white box fan. The lighting created the illusion of sunlight streaming into a child’s bedroom.

The autobiographically inspired evening length work began with a movement-based solo by Artistic Director Abigail Wallace, playing the role Midwestern Girl, wearing non matching pajamas and pink pig slippers.

A pleasant and relatable evening length work by ACW Dance filled my thoughts with childhood memories and nostalgia for the comfort of home.

- Michelle Hayes