- Lighting Designer

Pointless Theatre Co.

Performed at the
Mead Theatre Lab

Dec 2, 2015 -
Jan 3, 2016

Frank Cervarich

Set Designer:
Patti Kalil

Puppets by:
Kyra Corradin &
Rachel Menyuk

Costume Designer:
Frank Labovitz

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Matt Reckeweg

Fight Director & TD:
Lex Davis

Music Director:
Navid Azeez

Aaron Bliden

Photos by: Ryan Maxwell Photography


"Lighting Designer E-hui Woo made the stage sparkle like a freshly bought Christmas light" -Michael Poandl, DCMTA

"Between Choreographer Matt Reckeweg and Lighting Designer E-hui Woo, the holiday spectacular delivers the atmosphere of a true happening evening party show. Woo thumps and pulses the lights throughout the various high-tempo dance numbers, which Reckeweg provides enthusiastically energetic dance moves for the elves and Mrs. Claus. Woo has a mindful approach to lighting versatility, delivering more subdued blue lights for slower numbers and warm “fire-style” lighting for the generic scenes between routines, bits, and numbers. Woo’s lighting blends well with Reckeweg’s choreography, which showcases a myriad of dance styles, and creates the ultimate party atmosphere throughout the show." -Amanda N. Gunther, TheatreBloom

"Holiday Spectacular saves the best for last with Mrs. Claus’ torchy “You Make the Magic Happen,” written by band member Bliden. As she sings, the other cast members expertly execute an elegant shadow puppet display." -Patrick Folliard, Washington Blade