4615 Theatre Company's Summer 2016 Season:
(in rep)
- Lighting Designer

4615 Theatre Company

Performed at
St. Stephen & the Incarnation church

Jul 22 - Aug 6, 2016

Anne Donnelly (LLL)
Jordan Friend (WBW)

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Asst. to LD:
Eamon Abramson

Costume Design by:
Claire Brown
Paul Alan Hogan

Set designer:
Nathaniel Sharer

Paige Washington

- Lighting Designer

4615 Theatre Company

Performed at
Woolly Mammoth classroom

Aug 20 - 27, 2016

Susannah Clark

Lighting Design:
E-hui Woo

Sound Design:
Jordan Friend

Costume Design:
Claire Brown

Technical Director:
Nathaniel Sharer

Stage Manager:
Anne Donnelly

"The production has a charm to it that captures the audience attention with its overall outlook much like a contemporary indie Ron-Com film or the unrehearsed, resourceful quality of a Mumblecore film."

"The technical design team clearly had a small budget to work with, but they did wonders."

- David Siegel

"Under the direction of Jordan Friend, 4615 has successfully managed to convert this 17th century play into a riveting production that takes place in a church."

"A play this complex certainly required a proper backdrop, and Friend’s use of a church was risky but successful."

"I am convinced that this inventive use of space was key in pulling off a successful production."

- Guest Reviewer, Anant Kesavan

"E-hui Woo’s lights are right out of a backyard theatre set up and couldn’t be better."

"Aliens with Extraordinary Skills is most definitely a play that speaks to our time and, even though all the major characters are “entertainers” of one sort or another, its story explores a world that is filled with non-entertainers, a world that is as alien to most theatregoers, particularly Washington theatregoers, as Nadia is to New York City."

- Robert Michael Oliver

"The elusive O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary skills is a rare bird in the immigrant community, often going to big-name, A-list entertainers."

"It may be lighthearted, but it’s got an unsettling core and is interspersed with nightmarish interrogations. The lights dim, a hammer crashes and the INS Officers spring to life, pounding Nadia with intrusive questions at the heart of America’s hostile paranoia."

"But it is also always selling optimism and prompting understanding through laughter ... And, I would say doing that right—and with finesse—does take extraordinary skills."

- Kelly McCorkendale