4615 Plantagenet Rep: KING JOHN & LION IN WINTER
- Lighting Designer

4615 Theatre Company

Performed at
The Highwood Theatre

Jul 14 - Aug 5, 2017

Jordan Friend

Lighting Designer:
E-hui Woo

Asst. Lighting Designer:
Eamon Abramson

Costume Designer:
Jeanette Christiensen

Asst. Costume Designer:
Skylor Bee-Latty

Scenic Designer:
Nathaniel Sharer

Sound Designer:
Caroline McQuaig &
Jordan Friend

Paige Washington


Photo credit:
Anne Donnelly







"a potpourri of pumping rock music, rollicking rumbles, dazzling light schemes, and potent performances"

"The lighting, a mix of reds and blues, and red flashes during fight scenes, was expertly built by Lighting Designer E-hui Woo."

- William Powell

This minimalist set lends a Shakespearean feel to the production and credit goes to Nathaniel Sharer for making this work. Lighting Design is done by E-hui Woo and the lights create much of the mood of the play. The period costumes were designed by Jeanette Christiensen, and they worked well in helping create the characters – from the brocades of King Philip to the gauzy nightgowns of Alais.

The play makes us realize that sibling rivalry, plays for power, broken marriages, duplicity in diplomacy, and parental shortcomings were as much a part of the human condition then as they remain today.

Roar on down to The Highwood Theatre to see 4615 Theatre Company’s powerful and well acted take on this modern classic.

- Susan Brall

Thereafter: war, fistfights, swordfights, plotting, treason, murder, more plotting, shifting alliances — all of which 4615 does with verve and aplomb in the Highland Theatre’s tiny space

- Tim Treanor